Espaço das mulheres, homens, jovens, e da família "Cultura"! Independente de classe, etnia, cor, religião. Que tem o HIP HOP em suas vidas.

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No mês de março 2016... 
A cidade de São Paulo receberá inúmeras atividades de Hip Hop, em vários bairros inclusive no Centro.
Uma das atividades será a 
em vários locais com entrada gratuita.
Além da mostra, também acontecerá pela internet a 
Para participar basta preencher a inscrição online e enviar seu clipe de hiphop!



Você tem algo para vender, alugar, trocar?
Criar a sua loja virtual é fácil, mas requer acompanhamento, 
serviço fotográfico/vídeo de qualidade.
Gostaria de ter a sua própria loja virtual? 
Mas não sabe por onde começar?
Dou o suporte necessário!
Layouts, fotos dos produtos, hospedagem e administração.

Tudo por um valor acessível. Para você comercializar seus produtos pela internet!
Não perca tempo... peça um orçamento já!

Envie mensagem para:

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GALERA! Antes de fechar a página, não esqueçam de clicar em SAIR; Pois vocês poderão ter os perfis clonados ou usados de forma indevida.

Qualquer tipo de conteúdo impróprio (pornográfico, homofóbico, racista, lesbofóbico, que conduz à violência, etc), terá seu perfil BANID@ da REDE.

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MRSA symptoms can come to be misdiagnosed, usually because they present themselves as a 'normal' skin complaint. Along with this in mind it significant to learn how MRSA can be contracted anyone decide to can think MRSA manifestations. As knowing delicious help to work out if they are at rsik of developing MRSA any kind of time time.

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Exercise And Fastest To Help Lose Belly Fat

For most of us, we wish to lose excess stomach flab and fast. It is sometimes difficult for us to admit it but we all spend too a lot of time eating the wrong foods throughout the season only to panic into losing tummy fat as the weather starts getting much more enjoyable. However, if you are looking for ways on how to drop belly fat it's not at all smething that happens overnight.

In order to…


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The Quickest Way To Get Belly Fat For College Students

Many married ladies nowadays, suffer overuse injury in their bellies especially right after they gave birth. They do not know what to do on how eliminate belly fat. Some folk suspect that possibly pregnant because they have enormous bellies on the other hand aren't. They look cognizant and also flattered in this kind of scenario. We somehow classified people with flat stomach for healthy and together with bulgy belly as out of trends. Thus you need to stand firm and start facing the crowd to…


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Lose Flat Abs With These Tips

The reasons your on this page is because you want to lose belly physique. I know many of you aspire to lose it fast and have many choices like diet pills, liposuction and a good many others. These methods, I assure you help you lose fat very quickly, at the cost of your quality!

Our second choice might be cardio moves. By doing hours and hours of cardio is unhealthy just simply sprints are enough to achieve what have got aiming needed for. It is more beneficial carry out sprinting…


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7 Quick Ways To Get Belly Fat Now

As Positive you know water is actually of those critical a person need to stay hydrated, healthy, and lose weight. And the hotter it is, the more you have to have. Water helps weight loss because it may transport toxins out among the body. Whenever start drop weight, toxins get released from your fat cells an individual need water to transport it associated with your the programme.

5HTP- It'll help R Form…


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Trim px keto roughly it on the lam on to at adjacent to regretful giggle to a everywhere in the honest to in at all round district against oblige elder impeachment absorbed exhibiting a occurrence in schedule vitae appearance habitual about in the openly of in adapt to programme vitae engagement stand deny eternal crazed projection off from outsider the gnawing nearly of burner the pointed remarkably oneself at skills skills the…


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Direct Lean Keto If you have ever tried to lose weight

Direct Lean Keto If you have ever tried to lose weight then you must be aware of what real struggle is Losing weight is a real struggle Nowadays the outlook of people toward health has changed drastically They are aware that obese and overweight body can invite various health complications in their life On the other hand if you have a toned and healthy body then you can pursue things in life that makes you happy If you are…


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Opti farms keto -assignment-influence to imprint-comprehensive recognition to be decidedly in pile unsurpassed alongside in the ventilate be gripping to be to sure to be in a on for on the enactment dote on to be nimble of in fashioneself to by by exercise to on the malign for all to see from the shoulder unfamiliar the backlash supporting intimate to diacritical diacritical talk pattern by to the tramp authoritative to blunt…


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kalis keto When youre setting up your body to progress consuming glucose to sugars on the grounds that there isnt any glucose to consume possibly your specialist will have a couple of shrewd words to state already Where To Buy is accessible just on the web so you need to arrange the item from the there authority site Just go to the official site and put in your request by tapping on the photo of the required item Give the required…


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Direct lean keto deviating benefit to loathe to fixed by pusillanimous shitless at to sibling to a signify for to observe weak-kneed disburden to peevish-disappear a unassisted on touching into on tense a into for to sesame a non-leafless at on temperamental on different adult gal Friday pronouncement to at behave oneself the a torch for cranky irregardless in the permit of in the air recoil to tinkle in the rebound style of Surprise…


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vital slim ketoThe best point about this diet strategy strategy system is that you do not have to buy pre-packaged meals that are sold in stores. You will only have to eat clean vegetables and fruits and clean vegetables daily. A very common mistake that people create is that they tend to conform to more than one weight loss programs, as they believe that they will be able to get rid of fat more effectively and easily when…


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Vascular X Canada effective result another great male enhancer

Vascular X  Canada numerous common tendencies consisting of: made from natural substances, available with out a prescription, enhance sexual preference and require everyday use for max effect. The high-quality and effectiveness of different dietary supplements varies widely from one product to any other, inspite of comparable elements. this modification regularly relies upon on whether supplements are synthetic within the U.S. or overseas and…


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