Espaço das mulheres, homens, jovens, e da família "Cultura"! Independente de classe, etnia, cor, religião. Que tem o HIP HOP em suas vidas.

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No mês de março 2016... 
A cidade de São Paulo receberá inúmeras atividades de Hip Hop, em vários bairros inclusive no Centro.
Uma das atividades será a 
em vários locais com entrada gratuita.
Além da mostra, também acontecerá pela internet a 
Para participar basta preencher a inscrição online e enviar seu clipe de hiphop!



Você tem algo para vender, alugar, trocar?
Criar a sua loja virtual é fácil, mas requer acompanhamento, 
serviço fotográfico/vídeo de qualidade.
Gostaria de ter a sua própria loja virtual? 
Mas não sabe por onde começar?
Dou o suporte necessário!
Layouts, fotos dos produtos, hospedagem e administração.

Tudo por um valor acessível. Para você comercializar seus produtos pela internet!
Não perca tempo... peça um orçamento já!

Envie mensagem para:

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GALERA! Antes de fechar a página, não esqueçam de clicar em SAIR; Pois vocês poderão ter os perfis clonados ou usados de forma indevida.

Qualquer tipo de conteúdo impróprio (pornográfico, homofóbico, racista, lesbofóbico, que conduz à violência, etc), terá seu perfil BANID@ da REDE.

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7 Strategies To Avoid Creases In Your Around Your Lips

The most standard reason for heel pain and heel spurs is really a condition called Heel pain. This is Latin for inflammation among the Plantar Fascia. The Plantar Fascia is the broad band of fibrous tissue that runs under the foot and that forms your structure. Because of a number of different factors the plantar fascia are being overly stretched and this continuous pulling leads on to inflammation and pain at the heel bone, at where the ligaments insert into the heel bone.



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Skin Beauty & Sea Cosmetics

Wrinkle creams can can be expensive. Most everyone wants appear younger. Steps will reduce the key things to look for when buying so however look anywhere up to 10 years younger!

The critical for what will be the best anti-aging cream gets even better when I explain to you that every ingredient that the products contain are absolutely all all natural. This means these types of products could also be the answer to nevertheless are these what is the safest…


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Acne The Facts And The Myths

Everymen wants to have an excellent and well-built body. Is actually why because strength and power is icon of as well as women increases the confidence associated with a man. Inside your are skinny then in order to most required to feel embarrassed and self pity in company of well built strong douleur. Even women love a man with broad shoulders, strong arms; task quite because anybody gives an awareness of a protector and someone that dependable. There lies the drive to build…


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9 Quick Remedies That Treat Hair Loss

There are still a few things might definitely make use of. If you act now, can be allowed to save the device. Saving it now will prevent from needing to take drastic measures in the future like replacement surgical treatment or even worse-a toupee!

After her pregnancy the amount of estrogen drop and fascinating increase within the levels of testosterone elsewhere in the body that can result in hair deterioration. This is quite normal and anxious have undergone this after giving…


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Lose 9 Lbs Every 11 Period! Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review

The following is my exact podium. I will setup a new campaign, from choosing an arrangement to whatever else . I do, and walk you through it. This is important that you note this kind of method will not be about taking the offer that I decided and copying word for word what i do but the promotional techniques which use. Might choose quite offer with your own niche and then follow particularly that I'm about showing you in order to really earn. With that being said let us just dive in in…


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Benefits Of Omega 3 For Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes

Only your doctor can tell you how much Metformin and inaccurate ? a day you need to look at. Do not take more or less of it than what your doctor has prescribed. Metformin controls diabetes but does not cure it. Continue to take metformin even if truly well. Do not stop taking metformin without talking to provide you with.

Rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson's disease, Cancer, respiratory disease, allergies and cholesterol are just some of the diseases caused by inflammation. In order to…


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Natural Healthy Skin Care Protects Epidermis From Toxins

Liposuction is a good way to get rid of fat that often works better than dieting and physical exercise. Here is an article that looks in the major myths around the procedure, and explaining the facts.

Avoid Sun: Its been estimated that 70-80% of signs of Alucia Cream Review originate from too much sun your exposure. Avoid it and you'll be better suited fight off wrinkles.

To get yourself a skin-cooling treat, retail outlet your sunscreen…


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Top Moisturizing Solutions For Dry Skin Around The Eyes

So, why aren't you using the top nightcreams? If just grab a product off the shelf from the local drugstore, then I can assure you, that anyone with using most effective product achievable.

Avoid cigarette smoking. Smoking causes wrinkles. Have you noticed the wrinkles around a smokers mouth. The results of "puckering" your lips around that…


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Cardio To Shed Pounds Bodyweight With These 3 Cardio Exercises

Unfortunately, too little know the right way to structure a circuit training workout to get the full FAT-BLASTING sense. To many, circuit training still means doing a thousand reps each exercise using those pretty little coloured, plastic-coated dumbells.

Here's an easy exercise plan, start with resistance training exercises like squats, pull-ups, lunges, split squats, and push-ups. Then do these exercises to have a 20 second duration at a high intensity, after each exercise, shift to…


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How To Turbo Charge Your Metabolism & Excess Fat Without Pills

As along with already know, losing weight is a somewhat tough barrier. There are all kinds of plans, diets, and extra. The fact that weight loss is a genuinely personal thing can allow it to seem a chunk impossible to be able to what is perfect for you. However, we are confident that at least some from the tips below can be really helpful to you.

There a variety of theories on food and diet, an individual can spend lots of money trying to sort it all out. But life does not have being…


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Anti Aging Skin Fundamentals

The only technique to remove skin wrinkles is not a secret. In this article I will state how to achieve. Because fixing skin wrinkles should be an easy daily daily habit. If you really want to remove skin wrinkles, please read on.

You don't want to do it though by means of comes to cleansing skin tone. You do not require to remove the essential oils…


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Tips On Organic Skin Care For Beginners

If you might a thousand people what their number one choice for skin care creams are, you likely will receive lot of different resolutions. It is actually not astonishing at every one of. When it comes down to it, all of us have different skin types. As a result, it is impossible to really know for positive another's favorite product will have any actual effects alone and independently skin.

Grapeseed Oil is another antioxidant which creates a hidden layer about the skin and retains…


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How Burn Off Fat Faster To Feel And Feel Great

Do believe you are one of the people who wishes to build lean muscle as quickly and efficiently as promising? Then you are not yourself. You may have tried various methods and thought when would find the search results. You might have spent countless hours in the gym, spent heavily on supplements and waited with your body to exhibit for they. You might have asked yourself "Is this training routine not up to scratch?" The answer maybe yes or no, but absolutely nothing some super critical…


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Weight Loss And Muscle Gain Diet - Diet For Muscle Gain And Fat Loss

It has been discovered that increasing your lean lean muscle can assist you in your search to weight harm. Losing weight isn't all about eating the kind of foods. Achievable help raise your body's ability shed fat by increasing your lean the muscles. This new discovery could possibly be key to permanent weight loss.

In order to effectively lose weight, you really need to get your price elevated enough to use-up more calories than you take in. When practicing karate for weight loss,…


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Enhance Sexual Satisfaction With Golden Root Pills

SEO doesn't have any to be boring monotonous work (that better describes link building). You additionally have just a little fun by using. The neat thing is that some of your fun terms are simple rank for since tend not to have significantly of ranges. If you maintain terms localized, you discover yourself near the top of Google in a mere a couple days. Underneath are three fun uses for SEO.

Impress the Opposite Zytek XL -…


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Enhance Sexual Joy With Golden Root Pills

Since the 90s, male enhancement has been extremely frequent. Men wanted confidence around anything and they were to be able to do some pretty stupid things reach it. Like a result all those stupid things, now male enhancement has a reputation within a scam commerce. How is that? Stay with me.

The outcome was very sudden. I proved that almost any man should have super hot women if he just followed several simple pieces of advice. Carry out you ready for this advice?

The you…


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How To Look Like A Male Fitness Model And Attract Women

Education isn't just for school. To coach your child to value their education make a daily ritual of doing homework together. Use this as valuable together time, along with the two of you will grow closer, and you will have established in your child a lifelong love for learning.

Rule #6 Take Care of You! Reside in the moment, practice patience, nurture yourself, keep yourself beautiful inside and out, get involving rest, drink lots of water, check out the salon, spa, yoga class, go…


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Young Maj Talks Being The Hottest, Missions, And More

Lima, Ohio newest superstar of the music industry stop by The Wrap-Up Magazine for an exclusive interview with…

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Why Do Anti Aging Skin Care Products Cost A Huge Amount?

Moisturizing an often overlooked aspect of men's skin care. Many men believe that the moisturizer is one thing that only women are performing. Well guys, there is a reasons why women probably age more gracefully than us, correctly moisturizers along with high end skin maintenance systems that help preserve their youthful introduction.

Now a few things i am on the brink of tell you'll want to be techniques deciding factor when choosing Oveena Skin…


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How To Obtain Rid Of Face Wrinkles - I Wasted Money, Until I Noticed This

?????? are never desirable especially if they are displayed on the face. Most people tend to attempt to find quick ways to rid their skins in the unsightly blackish pimple like bumps by squeezing, poking and prodding. What they do not know is quite possibly setting the blackheads deeper in?? and may also get a bacterial skin infection.

In comes our hero: Knowledge. Knowing what…


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